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The 7 Best Intermediate 29er Mountain Bikes (Updated in 2021)

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Best Intermediate 29er Mountain Bikes overviewsRecently, the bike market much changes, and comes a different brand, which is truly an exclusive and leading model. However, I did the research for you with 100 top mountain bikes, and I think the blow 7 models are the most well enough 29er mountain bikes for you. How? You can get your answer after you completely read the content. So, if you want to choose the best intermediate 29er mountain bike, you will read it. I hope that this content is informative for you.

Whatever the below products have quality features and affordable price. So, you can easily choose your desire one from the below products. So, without delay, check out the list below and find out your desire 29er mountain bike.

Top 7 Best Intermediate 29er Mountain Bikes in 2021

1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain BikeIt is a 28er mountain bike that has all of the quality features. This unit adds extra value. You can get from this bike 7-speed. Though it has not lots of features, because of its price. It is a low budget price model. However, it is made with a steel frame that allows you long-time support and a comfortable ride.

However, the wheels of this unit are durable and table to take much pressure. So, you can choose this lightweight brand without any hesitation. Moreover, it is easy to operate and user-friendly. So, you can maintain this unit with rough and muddy places.


  • Have 7 speed
  • Long-time supported
  • Have a steel frame
  • Perfect wheels
  • Very lightweight


  • Not clear about warranty

2. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

Kent T 29 MenHowever, are you looking for a mountain bike that has a lightweight 6061 heat-treated aluminum frame? Then you will purchase this unit. The fork of this unit is extremely workable to take much pressure. The steel rimes are also adding the extra value of this unit. Kent T-29 used a soft grip, which provides you a comfortable ride.

Whatever, it allows you to ride muddy and dry place without any hassles. I hope that it is helpful to you. Whatever, it allows you a long-time warranty and technical support so that you can use this unit fearlessly.


  • Used powerful fork
  • The spoke is very strong
  • Have aluminum frame with heat-free
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to maintain


  • Did not tell about the bike gear

3. Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain BikeSchwinn mountain bike used an aluminum mountain frame with the power booster. It provides you a fast ride. Whatever, the wheels block is good enough for any kinds of place ride. However, you can discover from this unit a dual brake that helps you instantly control the bike. The 24-speed also adds this unit more valuable.

The EZ trigger also helps you to control everything. There are lots of quality features you can get from this unit. However, it used high-profile, powerful rimes. You can also discover from this unit a comfortable seat.


  • Have 24-speed
  • Powerful brake system
  • Wheels are very strong
  • Used powerful rimes
  • Long-time supported


  • Not easy to clean

4. Mongoose Men’s Tyax Expert Mountain Bike

Mongoose Men’s Tyax Expert WheelLet’s jump another popular Mongoose brand mountain bike, which is design for man. It used an XC aluminum hardtail frame with SR Suntour. You can discover from this unit enough gear. You can get enough gear, and you can get all of the quality features from this unit. Whatever it used to advance technology so that the models made valuable.

So, if you have enough money to choose this unit, you can purchase it right now. The pedals are very strong and take less energy to play the bike. I hope that it is an excellent deal for you.


  • Used XC aluminum
  • Have quality features
  • Included comfortable seat
  • Powerful brake
  • Easy to clean


  • Should not allow under 14 years old

5. Redline Bikes Monocog 29er Mountain Bike

Redline MonocogAre you looking for a mountain bike that has an affordable price under $700? Then you will choose this mountain bike. Next, it allows you a traditional ride so that you can enjoy your ride a lot. This unit is a full chrome finish model, which looks awesome. Redline has durable double-wall aluminum-alloy 29-inch wheels that work fine.

It looks very simple, but it is very powerful to use. So, without thinking more, you can purchase this unit. Whatever it is, not only a mountain bike but also a general bike. So, you can choose it for your family also.


  • Included pedals
  • Strong enough chain
  • Used double-wall aluminum
  • Very powerful
  • Low price


  • Not look much modern

6. Mongoose Salvo Comp 29″ Mountain Bike

Mongoose Salvo Comp Mountain Racing BikeThis is my another Mongoose Salvo powerful bike which is top-rated in the market. It used horst link 100mm travel aluminum trail mountain bike. You can get from this unit fly lockout system, which only included a racing bike. The Shimano hydraulic brake allows you instant control this section.

You can also discover from this unit 23-rimes that helps the model take much pressure. I hope that you can understand this model information. It never compromises the model durability so that you can use it for a long time without hassles.


  • Have 23-rimes
  • Taking much pressure
  • Durable
  • Used hydraulic brake
  • Look very stylish


  • X

7. Royce Union Men’s Mountain Bike

Royce Union Men’s Mountain BikeThis is the final bikes for you. Royce feels your unique feeling when you are riding. The block of this unit wheels is perfect because it never takes large dust so that it is complicated for you to clean. It used RFC’s premium carbon frame that allows you fast ride and long-time use.

However, the double hydraulic brake allows you to instant control of the unit. It is more flexible than another mountain bike in the market. The product holder service of this unit is very fast. So, you can get from their service any time any places so fast.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect wheels block
  • Instant control system
  • Fast product holder service
  • Easy to maintain


  • A little bit expensive

Best Intermediate 29er Mountain Bikes Buying Guide:

Brand of Bike

You may know that all of the brands are not well enough in the market. But you can choose some brands(above models) are well enough. The good brands allow you quality features, technology, and super service. So, before you purchase any kind of mountain bike, you should focus on this section.

Hydraulic Brake

This is my second tips and tricks for you. Hydraulic brake allows you instantly hard and soft brake. Though lots of brake systems in the market available, hydraulic brake much comfortable for each of the riders. So, before you purchase any, you can remember this section.

Wheels & Blocks

Both are important and essential for a user. Wheels allow you to ride any kind of place, and blocks allow you safely ride and free you clean the wheels. So, if you fail to choose these two sections and the accident occurs, and you can ride a comfortable ride to your journey.

Frame of Bike

This is my final section for you. Whatever the frame of bike plays an important role in each of the bikes. It allows your ride booster and long-time supported. For this reason, the expert first focus on this section. I hope that it is a complete solution for you.

Best Intermediate 29er Mountain Bikes (FAQs)

Q: Which is the best mountain bike?

A: In the above, all of the bikes are top-rated and leading products so you can choose any of them.

Q: Is a mountain bike costly?

A: Yes, but you can also choose a low price budget bike. I hope that you can get the answer to your questions.


Whatever, it is extremely true that sports mountain bikes are a costly and different size. But you can get your own size bike at an affordable price. So, if you want to purchase the best intermediate 29er mountain bike, then you will check out the above list below.

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