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Top 7 Best Single Speed Mountain Bikes under 1000 [Reviewed] for 2021

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best mens mountain bikes under 500 reviewsThere are several bikes you can get from the market. Are all of the mountain bikes well enough and affordable price for you? Of course not. Sports bike is much costly, especially speedy bike. But if you deeply research, you may find only some bikes which have rich features but affordable prices. Here I discuss the 7 best single speed mountain bike under 1000, which is truly well enough. For your aid, I research on this topic and found the below products.

However, if you want to choose the right mountain bike under 1000, you will follow my guidelines. So, without delay, let’s get started…

7 Best Single Speed Mountain Bikes under 1000 in 2021

1. sixthreezero Around Mountain Bike

sixthreezero AroundLooking for a speed mountain bike is a great pleasure. With this bike, you can get a perfect speed under 100. However, this unit is made with a 14-inch durable steel frame that allows you to use this unit in the long run. Whatever it specially design for the women. You can get from this unit 7 Shimano speed hub for wide range riding.

You can also evaluate from this unit a comfortable seat and soft handlebar grip, which helps you to take a comfortable ride. Overall, this unit is included well enough brake, and it allows you to instantly control the bike. So, I think it is a comfortable, speedy bike for you.


  • Have 7 Shimano speed
  • Used durable stainless steel frame
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting


  • Nothing special

2. Critical Cycles Harper Mountain Bike

Critical Cycles HarperThis bike is only for the persons who love to sleek style mountain bike. This model use premium quality materials such as stainless steel, comfortable seat, and others. The chain allows you extra speed, and the chain uses KMC, which is truly workable. For much speed, this product included VP freestyle pedals that help you to comfortably pedals without wasting your energy.

However, you can use this unit both for men and women. Furthermore, a Critical bike allows you to ride any places such as muddy or dry. So, without thinking more, you can enjoy this unit.


  • Included comfortable pedals
  • Ideal for both man and woman
  • Easy to use any of place
  • Used premium materials
  • Hassle-free


  • Not able to take much pressure

3. Retrospec V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle

Retrospec V2 Single SpeedAre you searching for an inexpensive speed mountain bike? Then you will achieve this unit comfortably. It is perfect for commuting work with a racing cycle. The most intelligent thing is that its brake, which allows of to soft and hard brake. The wheels of this unit can find 20 to 27.5 inches, which is comfortable for up to 14-years people.

You can also get from this unit the 2016 Mantra speed that allows you maximum speed from this compact. Whatever, Retrospec allows you a long-time warranty and technical support. The product holder service is very fast and impressive.


  • Have two brakes
  • Perfect size wheels
  • Provide maximum speed
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-time warranty


  • Not much updated

4. 6KU Aluminum Mountain Bike

6KU AluminumExperts believe in fork who want a speed mountain bike. However, you will choose this unit if you want to space and cycle in a muddy or dry place. However, the fork and frame are made with aluminum that allows you to use them for a long-time. Next, you get from this unit powerful and pressurize to the spoke that allows you to get maximum speed from this unit.

It looks very simple but very powerful to use. The front and back brake included. However, you can easily maintain and upkeep this unit without hassles. So, if you want to choose a durable bike, you will achieve this unit.


  • Both muddy and dry place useable
  • Durable
  • Used strong fork
  • Included comfortable seat
  • Have powerful spoke


  • The grip is not much comfort

5. Redline Bikes Monocog Mountain Bike

Redline MonocogIf you loved a chrome finish mountain bike, surely you will choose this unit. It used a steel frame and forks that helps your bike take much pressure. However, if you weigh under 300 lbs, you will win this unit. The grip of this unit is very soft, and the handlebar is much strong. It included Tektro mechanical disc brake that allows you instant control of everything.

Redline is well known because of its durability and comfortable service. Moreover, the tire of this unit is leak-free so that you can not repair it so fast. So, comfortably use this unit and enjoy it a lot.


  • Able to take much weight
  • Included strong handlebar
  • Used mechanical disc brake
  • Leak-free
  • Lab-tested


  • The user manual is not clear

6. Detroit Sparrow Mountain Bike

Detroit SparrowDetroit is a well-known brand and top-rated in the market. This unit comes from Detroit, and it also used premium materials. Whatever this mountain bike used aluminum frame and fork so that you can easily use it for a long-time. It is a small size mountain bike, but you can also choose a different size.

The pedals and chain of this unit help you to get the maximum speed to generate. So many people in the USA already use this unit without hassles. Furthermore, this compact color match is awesome, but it is easily dusted. Despite this issue, you can choose this unit.


  • Produce maximum speed
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Used aluminum fork
  • Have premium materials
  • Awesome color


  • Easily dusted

7. Retrospec Harper Urban Commuter Bike

Retrospec Harper UrbanIt is really interesting when the flip flop is included. It comes with 30mm deep-V rims and 700 x 28C tires, which is helpful for speed. Another thing is that you can discover from this unit VP freestyle pedals that help you to comfortably riding the bike without wasting much energy.

The gear is fixed, but it is enough for any rides—moreover, the seat of this unit easily removable and comfortable to use. So, I think it is an excellent bike for you. No doubt, it is a durable product because each part uses strong materials and long-time warranty.


  • Included flip and flop
  • Have both soft and hard brake
  • VP freestyle pedals included
  • Long-time supported
  • User-friendly


  • Not for kids

Best Single Speed Mountain Bike under 1000 Buying Guide:

Speed of bikes

A racer is always looking for speed bikes or adventurer, also looking at it. Whatever you are looking for a speed bike, then you will choose a 26-speed bike. It is a standard speed that works well and provides maximum speed. So, before you purchase a speed bike, you should remember this section.

Forks of Bike

This section, you never skip if you want to ride safely. But people often fall great problems when they are going to choose the best mountain bike. Most of the powerful brands use aluminum and steel fork so that it able to take much pressure.

Brake of Bike

This is my third tips and tricks for you. Brake always helps you to ride safely. So, if you found any mountain bike which has a dual mechanical disc brake, you will choose the mountain bike. I hope that this section purely helpful for you to choose the right one.


This is my final section, which helps you to purchase a durable model. However, if you want to choose a durable model, you must focus on the below section.

Weight capacity

Best Single Speed Mountain Bike under 1000 (FAQs)

Q: Who makes a single speed mountain bike?

A: In the above, all of the brands make the speed mountain bike. You can check out.

Q: How much mountain bike cost?

A: There are different prices you can get. But, here I only discuss under 100 mountain bike.


Overall, I tried my best to provide you each of the information about the best single speed mountain bike under 1000. I hope that you already choose your desire. But if you have any questions, you can contact me so that I can solve your problem.

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